Looking for Professional Concrete Core Drilling Near San Diego, CA?

Commercial Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling

For over 22 years, Prime Time Concrete Cutting has been serving local contractors and businesses in a wide range of industries across the greater San Diego, CA community.

    Concrete & Asphalt Cutting
    (Up to 15 inches Deep)

  • Sidewalk, parking lot, walkway improvements
  • Trench cut & removal for access for plumbing, electrical, or gas installation
  • Test boring
  • Decorative & green cutting

    Core Drilling
    (Up to 14 inches in diameter & 5 feet deep)

  • Addition of plumbing, HVAC, communication, gas and electrical lines
  • Create pathways for beverage lines in restaurants and bars

We work directly with construction contractors for a wide variety of projects on commercial properties, schools, retail chains, restaurants, military bases, and more to complete professional concrete and asphalt work. We know that being reliable and on time makes a big difference in our trade. Quality matters, and we promise to always meet or exceed your expectations when working with Prime Time Concrete Cutting.

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Prime Time Concrete Cutting Pricing Information

Our team uses some of the best tools, techniques, and materials in the industry to keep our services and our prices highly competitive. Prime Time Concrete Cutting is available to work on the weekends but we do charge extra. Please see detailed pricing information below for more details or simply contact us today.

  • Minimum charge $300.00

  • Hourly rate $120.00 per hour

  • Saturday rate $130.00 per hour / $350.00 minimum

  • Sunday rate $150.00 per hour / $400 minimum

  • Night shift hours rate $ 160.00 / $ 400 minimum

  • Prevailing rate $175.00 per hour

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